Surgery for Dogs and Cats, Janesville WI

From daily procedures including spay, neuter and orthopedic to general surgical procedures, All Creatures Small Animal Hospital provides expert surgical services for your pet. Our surgical suite is equipped with the latest monitoring equipment, anesthesia, and pain management techniques. Before surgery, during surgery and while your dog or cat is recovering, our loving staff will make your pet comfortable and be vigilant in providing the best professional care to ensure a speedy and complete recovery.

Prior to surgery, your dog or cat will be given a physical exam; pre-anesthetic blood work is encouraged in all surgical cases and required in some. This helps ensure that your pet can safely receive anesthesia during the surgery. Modern anesthetic protocols and monitoring are used for all patients. During surgery, we monitor heart rate, blood oxygenation, and CO2 (respiration) for every pet.

In special cases or when requested, Dr. McSweeny will work with area surgical specialists. 

Our surgical services include:

  • Spay and neuter
  • Cruciate ligament repair
  • Dislocating knee cap (patella) repair
  • Cherry eye tack
  • Bladder Surgery
  • Tumor Removals
  • Pyometra (infected uterus) removal
  • GI obstruction
  • Other general soft tissue surgery